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How is BOB Locum Chambers different from other locum-finding services like agencies or online platforms?

Have confidence in the GP locums you choose to work with

GP locums who are members of a chamber work in a supportive environment with audit, education, peer support and complaints procedures to enable quality and performance to be continuously improved. Chambers also make appraisal and revalidation much more straightforward.

Book a GP locum faster and cheaper

Because the GP is proactively publishing their bookable availability in advance, and ensuring all the details of the work schedule are clearly laid out, you can go straight to a booking safe in the knowledge that the simple small booking fee comes with no restrictive clauses (BOB Locum Chambers has been set up as a collaboration between BOB STP and NASGP as part of GP workforce retention with the primary aim of attracting and retaining highly engaged GPs in the area).

It’s not just about the booking

What happens during sessions is key. LocumDeck Chambers was designed by GP locums who understand the information gaps that locums often face when they work in different practices. And we understand that practices often “don’t know what we as locums don’t know”. So for our chamber members, we help bridge the gap with an online locum induction pack LocumPack.

Attract and retain more GPs to your area and to work in your practice.

Many GPs who work in chambers report that the support of the chamber enabled them to continue working as a GP, and actively encouraged them to move or work in the area where the chamber was active. Other chamber locums will tell you that the support of a chamber means they have more confidence to work in a wider range of unfamiliar practices.

How will my practice be charged to book a chamber locum?

It is free for practices to join LocumDeck and use many of its time-saving administrative support features. Practices only pay a small fixed fee for each session booked; there are no other fees. Please contact the BOB Chamber Manager to find out more.

What benefits does a chamber offer a practice manager?

BOB Locum Chambers will offer many benefits for Practice Managers such as instant online booking of available GP locums, publish Availability Requests if no GP is offering bookable availability, single day automated invoicing, easy substitutions process for short-notice changes and a formal feedback loop to ensure effective communication between your practice and your locum.

How do I see the BOB Locum Chamber’s locums and their availability?

It only takes a few minutes to set up your practice on the NASGP website, and there is no membership fee.

Alternatively, if you have a specific enquiry, please contact the BOB Chamber Manager directly.

More FAQs

How will a chamber ensure that locum GPs operate as part of the local system?

The only system interactions that many locum GPs have is with the individual practices they support. A chamber provides a contact point between the CCG, the local healthcare system, and the locum GPs. This means that where new systems, such as new referral pathways, are introduced, the local locum GPs can be informed and be part of the process of implementation.

In addition, CCGs can explore with the chamber ways of working together to strengthen local delivery of General Practice. This can include support for specific GP practices, targeted support for local General Practice at busy times, and even enabling the CCG to ensure support is focussed on the local GP practices that need it most.

How will a chamber enable GP locums to be effective quickly in a practice?

Chambers develop systems to make it easy for each of their locum GPs to get to know the different ways of working in each practice. One of the biggest challenges facing a locum GP is to become effective quickly within a new environment, and by working with a specific number of local practices the chambers is able to share information and support its members to do just this.

How will a chamber make finding GP locums easier for local practices?

By its nature, chambers establish a group of locum GPs to work in your local area so as the chambers grows, the availability of locums for local practices improves.

Won’t a chamber just make it easier for locums and lure more GPs from practices to become locums?

That is not the usual experience of what happens in areas with locum chambers. In these areas, the chambers instead act as a workforce buffer with more chamber locums leaving the chamber to join practices than the reverse.

GPs that join chambers tend to be a mixed group at all stages of their career and with differing circumstances driving their decision to work as locums. A few will want to work long term as locums. Others will be GPs at a stage of transition in their careers for various reasons - newly qualified, near retirement, moved area, health events, new caring commitments. Any one of these GPs could be a recruit to your practice. And that is very much part of the plan with BOB Locum Chambers, which is part of the GP retention programme. Unlike many other locum-finding services, there are absolutely no solicitation or recruitment fees imposed on practices for recruiting a chamber locum into a substantive post.

This is borne from the experience of chamber locums in other areas: some GPs in practices who are in despair and nearing burnout may leave their practices and join the chamber. Without the chamber they would probably leave the profession. But this is more than compensated for by the number of chamber locums who spend a period of time using the chamber to explore local practices and perhaps recharge their batteries before taking up permanent posts.

And for those chamber locums that want to continue to work long term as locums, they can become a well-engaged, flexible part of your team - there when you need them but without the ongoing costs of employment.

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